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Support following stillbirth comes in various forms; from family, friends, colleagues, allied health professionals…the list goes on.  Support organisations are also a valuable resource to connect with as they are often founded and led by individuals and families who have experienced pregnancy loss and/or stillbirth.  


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The services noted below are Australian-based.

Of course, the program is here to support you as you return to exercise. You can discover more about the program by clicking the button below. 

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Testimonial from 1:1 sessions

A client who reconnected with her body

"I’ve had 2 PT sessions with the wonderful Lauren and I already feel more heard than I ever have by a trainer. The generous time taken in our initial phone consult to gain an understanding of where my body was at physically and emotionally was incredible. The level of care and detail that has gone into each personalised session has left me so impressed as well as the continual checking in throughout to see how I am feeling and if it all feels right to continue. She is exactly what I was needing post partum it only took me 2 years to find her and I feel so lucky."

Tiny Ladder is the exercise program I wish I’d had.

It’s my offering to help you take safe, supported steps towards exercise.

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