The Program

At the heart of the program is reconnection to yourself through physical movement.

An abundance of sensitivity has been placed into this program. 

While working through a fusion of movement methods, each of the 6 weeks has a specific focus to support you stepping into exercise safely and prepare you for increased exercise intensity in the future.

A noteworthy inclusion which enhances the uniqueness of the program, is the additional separate workout, for your pelvic floor and deep abdominal muscles. This thoughtful workout is purposefully placed alongside the program to guide you through reconnection to this area when you feel confident and ready to include it.  Given we can all be at different stages in our physical healing we may or may not feel quite ready to incorporate a pelvic floor focus in the sessions at the start.


Let's look at the flow

While working through the fusion of movement methods including Pilates, strength, conditioning, nutrition importance, HIIT and stretching, each week has a specific focus.  The exercises for that week directly relate to the focus.

Some of our focus weeks include: 

Program release is set for 2024, but you can connect now

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I'm Lauren Hewes, your program instructor,

Here to support and validate your own experience.

Before my personal experience of stillbirth I was fit, strong and full of life.  The devastating stillbirth of my son Alexander broke my heart and dimmed the light inside me to a tiny flicker.  Years later, I have found my smile again in my new and changed normal.  I think of my baby boy every day with love and wonder and he inspires my work for Tiny Ladder

I come to you with my own story, but also the experience and education to provide expert care for you and your post-natal body. I hold a: 

  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Physical Education).   
  • Level 1 & 2 Mat and Reformer Pilates Instructor
  • Cert 3 and 4 Personal Training
  • Pre/Post Natal Personal Training Certified 

Find ease that I am here to guide and give structure with science-backed techniques as you return to exercise. 

You can find your path to return to a fitness routine

I combine many forms of movement in this program and in my 1:1 sessions with women who have experienced stillbirth to help them reconnect with their body in a supported and holistic way.


A recommendation from a colleague

"I have been a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist for 17years, I first met Lauren in a professional capacity. As we worked together to get Lauren back to her beloved pilates, she talked about her plans to provide a safe return to exercise for people(women) who have experienced stillbirth or loss during any stage of pregnancy. I pretty much hounded her to start working with our post-natal clients at the clinic, where she has supported many women along a safe return to exercise. She has a beautiful genuine caring nature and was loved by her clients. I’m so very excited for her that her dreams for Tiny Ladder are coming to fruition and would highly recommend her training sessions to all women before returning to community exercise after birth."
-Emma Cransberg, Pelvic Health Physiotherapist
at Windy Hill Sports and Spinal Physiotherapy

Tiny Ladder is the exercise program I wish I’d had

It’s my offering to help you take safe, supported steps towards exercise.

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