Supported Steps For Exercise

Following Stillbirth

I am so grateful you found your way here.

You can embark on the very small, supported steps to reconnect with your physical self.

I am so sorry for your loss. I acknowledge this is not the place you ever imagined yourself being.  A part of a club you never wanted to sign up to.  As an involuntary member myself, I had to find my own path when returning to exercise following the stillbirth of my son, yearning for guidance, support or understanding.  I’ve created Tiny Ladder to be that supported exercise program and the bridge from where you are now, to the next phase of your physical recovery.

I believe

Your body, mind, and breath work together to build your healthy self.

I believe in training and moving your entire body rather than ’toning’ a particular muscle, to preform at it’s best.  This is why a variety of training methods are blended to create a repertoire of exercises in the program that directly focus on building strength, support and mobility for functionally sound movement. 

This is a business owned by a woman for women

These are the values I hold for our time together

I create...

exercise programs for women who have experienced a stillbirth based on my professional experience and my personal insight.

I understand...

even though we share loss, we also have a unique experience. No two paths are the same.

I respect...

that every women’s reality is different. Every women’s body is unique. Every women is now a part of a club we never wanted to be in.

I cherish...

my son, Alexander. I love and honour him always. I have this offering for you in your post pregnancy return to exercise as you reconnect to yourself while carrying your precious ones in your heart.

Let's get to know each other

I'm Lauren Hewes.

I want you first to know I have been where you are. I have seen the world go unbearably dark following an experience of stillbirth and pregnancy loss.  In these dark times, support may be needed to help shine a light for the path forward.

I can now see the light in my new normal, and thus created Tiny Ladder. Although, the light can dim at times, and I need the help of others, which is why I constantly reach out and stay up to date with postnatal training and ways to help reconnect us to ourselves.

I have developed Tiny Ladder as the exercise program I wish I’d had. It is my offering to you for support in your steps to safe exercise. 

I am honored you are here. I do share my whole story, and you can read it or listen at the button below. 

It's about more than 'getting back at it'

If you choose to work with me, there is a focus to rebuild your strength and support from the inside out.

I have been

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Kind words from a client

"Lauren showed me what true care and support for a new mother means. I’ve never been one for intense fitness. So when I decided to find someone to help me heal from postpartum depletion I was nervous. Not only did Lauren hold such patience and space for me to show up exactly as I was (sometimes late texts cancelling the night before as I was so sleep deprived!) but she helped me build a strength in my new body. I refer to her as an angel and I would trust my most loved women with her tender but empowering approach to fitness."

You deserve support in every way.

You can start here with these support resources I have curated or go to the supported resources page by clicking the button below. 


Miscarriage, stillbirth, and newborn death support. SANDS has a 24/6 bereavement support line you can call at 1300-308-307. 

Stillbirth Foundation

Australia’s Stillbirth Foundation is here for every person impacted by stillbirth, offering education and support resources.