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About Tiny Ladder - Tiny Ladder

About Tiny Ladder


Tiny Ladder  has been created by Lauren Hewes to represent the small steps we take after experiencing pregnancy loss. Sometimes these steps move us forward, and other times, backwards. They can be stumbling or wobbly, sideways or diagonal. These tiny steps take us to places we never thought we’d be, nor ever want to be.

We walk them alone, but many have walked this path before. Eventually, I found myself stepping more and more in a forward direction. The backward steps are there, but not so often. The steps have been very tiny when returning to exercise. I felt like I had no where to train with others just like me. So I’ve taken the steps create a change.

Driving a change

At first, I just wanted to help individuals, and I do, and I will continue to do so.  However, I know that for me to truly create a change, I have to educate and encourage other fitness professionals to Start Talking.  Create Supportive Environments. Be Compassionate.

I can help fitness professionals to include this group of post natal women into their classes and studios.  There are simple and inclusive changes we can all make. Contact me today.

Contact Me

Please reach out if you are a fitness professional wanting to work with me in making a positive change to support women returning to exercise after experiencing pregnancy loss. Or if you are an individual living in the Essendon area of Melbourne, Australia wanting to be trained by me.

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Additional Support

If you have experienced pregnancy loss, there are a number of support services available.

> Find out more about additional support available