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Spine articulation - my favourite all in one exercise to do on the other side of Pregnancy - Tiny Ladder

Have you ever wondered what is the best all in one exercise to do if your on the other side of pregnancy? Well, there are a couple in my top faves for various reasons but right at the top would have to be the Pilates spine articulation, aka hip bridge, pelvic curl, and many other names.

Call it what you will but I have found the action of each vertebra (back bones) lifting and then lowering is an all round functional exercise. I call it the SPINE ARTICULATION. I find this title is very descriptive.

When it comes to:

  • pelvic floor function
  • decreasing prolapse symptoms (make sure you get checked by a women’s health physiotherapist or your doctor if you think you may have a prolapse),
  • transverse abdominus (deep tummy muscles) activation
    gluteal activation
  • DRAM safe (Diastasis of the rectus abdominus Muscle aka abdominal separation),
  • progressions/regressions
  • improving leg strength and stability
  • Low impact
  • and many other benefits….

You can’t go past the spine articulation for ticking all the boxes.

In those early weeks and months following you post pregnancy check up with your doctor and/or women’s health physiotherapist, your body may find the spine articulation very useful exercise to do when trying to reconnect and work with your pelvic floor muscles. Activating your pelvic floor muscles using gravity as your aid, is a wonderful and gentle way to switch the muscles on and off (it is essential that you can relax your pelvic floor muscles as well as activate them*). The spine articulation is a great foundation exercise to start with when returning to exercises after pregnancy.

Lifting one backbone at a time like a string of pearls lifting one by one allows the back muscles to lengthen and create space in the back body. This is so important for the lower back muscles which can tighten and cause discomfort in later pregnancy due to the anterior tilt of the pelvis and the change of your center of gravity.

The spine articulation is low impact, easy on joints and a great and increasing strength and stability in the body, it’s a winner for me.

*check with your women’s health physiotherapist if you feel you cannot relax your pelvic floor muscles or if you’re finding it hard to activate them from front to back.

I would love to hear your thoughts. If would like to reach out, please connect with me through facebook, Instagram or directly through the homepage of my website. Thank you.

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Lauren is a Melbourne based personal trainer, Pilates instructor, wife and mother to 3 precious boys and is passionate about ensuring safe exercise for post-natal women. Having experienced stillbirth herself in 2009, Lauren is committed to supporting women in their safe return to exercise after experiencing loss during any stage of pregnancy. You can find me on facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn