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I felt ready... ready to help other women - Tiny Ladder

I felt ready presentatioI felt ready. Ready to reach out to help women, like me, return to exercise following stillbirth. Exercising with a post natal trainer who I felt I could talk to freely who understood and empathised with me was what I needed after my experience of loss in 2009, and I’m stepping up to fill that gap.

My presentation was at the Women’s Health and Fitness Summit in Melbourne 2018. It was with the unbelievable help of two amazing and inspiring women Mish Wright and Lisa Westlake, my message was/is able to be heard. I will forever be truly grateful for their support and incredible guidance for me to be able to bring this message to the stage.

This presentation was my life for almost the whole of 2018. Although, subconsciously I had been working towards this moment for many years. My hope is that you find at least one thing in this short time which can help you connect, understand and support someone you know who has experienced loss. I prepared my presentation for women’s health and fitness professionals, but maybe there’s something in it for every one of us to take away.

I would love to hear your thoughts. If you are watching and would like to reach out, please connect with me through facebook, Instagram or directly through the homepage of my website. Thank you.


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Lauren is a Melbourne based personal trainer, Pilates instructor, wife and mother to 3 precious boys and is passionate about ensuring safe exercise for post-natal women. Having experienced stillbirth herself in 2009, Lauren is committed to supporting women in their safe return to exercise after experiencing loss during any stage of pregnancy. You can find me on facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn

If this blog post has triggered anything for you, please reach out and contact one of the support organisations.